Spending an afternoon in the Sunshine with Eloise

We’ve been away up the family acres.

So not much local bird photography from us.  However stay tuned as I slowly get a week’s worth of shots sorted out.
We went up for the annual Birdlife Werribee, (formerly Werribee Wagtails) camp out.

As we unpacked in the early afternoon, the warmth of the sunshine was a bit too much to ignore and we decided by unanimous vote to “Go to the Office, and see how the Black-shouldered Kite pair were doing”.

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3 thoughts on “Spending an afternoon in the Sunshine with Eloise

  1. Thanks for sharing these great pics David, Osprey are the bird on the blogs at present, and Eloise is certainly well featured in your beautiful shots. I will be putting mine up this week also, and others have done the same. That time just before sunset is magic for bird photography, catching unique hues and shadows.


    1. G,day AB,

      Thanks for that. This is pretty much once in a lifetime event. The only other reliable record goes back many years, so its been quite a long time between Osprey drinks so to speak.

      Her feeding activities are for all intents a mystery. Seen occassionally up to about 30 Km away, but we’ve no idea where to look on a day to day basis.

      Also the likelyhood of a mate turning up are pretty slim as the nearest usual areas for them is about 200km in either direction. We are however living in hope. 🙂

      Look forward to seeing your shots.

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