The Cycle of Life: Spring Forces at Work

The weather has kept us at home.  Grey skies are one thing, but cold, damp, wind-driven rain is a force to be reckoned with.  And inspite of Drizabone, there still has to be enough light bring some decent exposure rates.
So. Home it is.

I was under the pergola, working with the Nikon 1 focusing variations, and noted our local female Blackbird going over the fence with a beakful of building material.  She stopped long enough on one trip that  I managed to get a reasonable shot of her at work.  “So,” thought I, “She must have a nest going in somewhere nextdoor.”

About an hour later, however I saw a Blackbird with head up and lots of wing flapping, and I reached for the camera, thinking it was probably a juvenile that was begging for food.

Tapdancing and singing
Tapdancing and singing

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