A Hunting on the Twenty Nine Mile We will Go.

Funny thing weather.

Can start of one way, end the other.  I’d a pretty busy day, what with bills to pay, doctors to visit, and of course the car.  Well that needed to go service.  So it did. Made and early start too, as it was foggy, yes foggy when I took off to the service centre.

However by the time I’d picked up the car in the mid afternoon, all the doom and gloom predictions of overcast, cold weather had slipped away with the cloud and we had a break of sunshine.  “Let’s go for a quick look along The  Twenty Nine Mile Road,” says EE. Twenty Nine is an extension inside the Western Treatment Plant that gives us good access to the paddocks without having to venture into the Plant proper.

Now my “Northern Exposure” readers probably think of evening as that lovely extended period they enjoy when the sun sets and it finally becomes dark.  No such luck for us in my part of the Southern Hemisphere.  Sunshine/Sunset  Light/Dark. About as quick as that.  So I wasn’t expecting much once the sun got very low on the horizon.

Until.  A large grey cloud obscured the direct sunshine and a soft mellow light exuded around the cloud.  Instant twilight.
And my old mate Orion—The Mighty Hunter, was out doing his even forage.

And now you’ll see why I really enjoy the options on the new Affinity Template.

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