A Band of Banded Brothers

Came upon a small band of Banded Stilts and Red-necked Avocets the other morning.

We had been looking for some locations for subjects for my book on “How to Sneak Up on a Swamp Harrier”. Needless to say the next chapter or two will for the short term be blank pages.

On one pond we happened in the best of traditions on a flock of Banded Stilts, and some companions.

So we settle down for about an hour or so.   While we were enjoying the birds, the sunshine and a cuppa, we were joined for a short while by a hunting party of Black Kite and a Black Falcon. We counted around 25 Black Kites and there were plenty spiralling down from a great height that we didn’t count any more.
Sort of added that sparkle to the day.


5 thoughts on “A Band of Banded Brothers

    1. Hi Eleanor,
      The first bloke to take me round the plant, called it a “Magic Place”, and was so happy to share with me some of the photo opportunities that occur down there.
      I guess I take it as a part of the bond to be able to share what we have such ready access to.
      Glad you enjoyed.


  1. Thanks David – as always very enjoyable.
    I was “there”a week ago. Despite the forecast not much luck with light and not a single banded stilt in sight but lot’s of luck with the kites. So, after all, I went home satisfied.


    1. Hi Adam,
      It is a magic place, but not always prepared to share its best. Some days the birds just seem to be at the other end of the Plant where ever we go!
      Good light, Great Light, Awesome Light. We could do with a few days just to lift our spirits.


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