With Orion, the mighty hunter

Not sure how you’re Greek mythology is, but Orion was a hunter who was going to kill all the wildlife.   A bit miffed with his hubris, the gods took umbrage— they seeemed to do that a lot, over the least, and perhaps even looked for opportunities to be offended, but I digress.

In the end of the myth, well he gets bitten by a clever snake, and is consigned to turn for ever in the heavens, he at one end, and the snake at the other.  When one lot of star pattern is visible at night, the other is below the horizon.  One sets as the other rises. All very mystical.

There is a lot of the life/death, rebirth and restitution in the entire story, but that is probably enough for most average bird photographers to take in at one sitting.

After several sessions with the Black-shouldered Kite down on the 29 Mile Road, it dawned on me that Orion, the mighty hunter, would be a good, well, unisex name for our hero(ine).

So we went down to see Orion, discuss the matter with him/her, and see what he/she thought.

Seemed to go pretty well, and just to confirm it all the bird dropped off the  post, flew a few wingflaps, hovered, dived and returned with a mouse. One can almost here Mt Olympus turning.


Addendum: Just to be very clear.  These birds are not baited, called in, or in anyway interfered with.   We are simply recording the activities of a very relaxed and completely confident bird.  We strive for connection and if a bird exhibits any ‘stress’, we leave it in peace.  No photo is worth stressing the bird.
Now you know!

Warming up the wings for the next sortie

DWJ_0779 DWJ_0822

BIrd of mystery and mystique
BIrd of mystery and mystique
I take that gesture to be an acceptance of Orion as a good name.
I take that gesture to be an acceptance of Orion as a good name.
Hand me a camera and I’ll make a shot for the Fluker Post
Fine tuning under the hood


Orion: Portrait
Orion: Portrait

7 thoughts on “With Orion, the mighty hunter

  1. Whoa! David, some amazing and beautiful shots in this set!!!! Thanks for getting out there and for sharing your photos. Just amazing.


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