WTP Jan 2016

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Western Treatment Plant. Werribee.

Nestled on the coast, off the town of Werribee lies a birds paradise. The Water treatment plant of Victoria is a haven for many a wildlife species and has become a listed wetlands of significant international importance. I recently had the opportunity to visit and take photos(see me flickr). From a photographic point of view the light on the day was not great, a little overcast and bland with a touch of smoke wafting across the strait from the fires in Tasmania.

“For birders this place is the ducks guts”

Ducks in formation Ducks in formation

Been standing in the corner
Studying the lights
The dreaming of escape
Will keep you up at night

Away with me
We don’t need words
Close your eyes and see
We’ll be birds
Flying free
Holding on in the mystery

~  Birds by Coldplay

 Life abounds.

The ecology here…

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