Colour and movement

Wishing I could take the time to go looksee at Geoff’s Bee-eaters. Otherwise enjoy the master at work.

Natural Newstead


I’ve been somewhat frustrated over recent weeks chasing Rainbow Bee-eaters. The usual suspects at the Newstead Cemetery have been elusive and time has prevented visits to other local haunts. Luckily there are a few pairs nesting along the Loddon River at the moment and it was pleasing to get some images of adults arriving with food for the next generation.

Beeeater1 Rainbow Bee-eater, Loddon River @ Newstead, 21st December 2015.

Beeeater2 II

Beeeater4 III

Beeeater3 IV

Beeeater7 V

Beeeater6 VI

Beeeater5 VII

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