Sometimes the evening light brings its own rewards

We had gazed at weather tv presenters, peered at tiny newspaper weather maps, and consulted the occassional web weather site, and it seemed pretty conclusive.
A high moving in during the day would give us that special “Golden Hour”.  Nothing else to do really except pack in a cuppa, the cameras, the WTP access key, drop a note to the controller of our intention, and drive.

We had a spot in mind, and as it turned, we arrived travelling in the wrong direction to the sun. Not an error, but just the way things worked out.  And of course, as we had already  half expected, a White-bellied Sea-eagle was on a post against the light and looking pretty elegant, resplendant, and pretty well pleased with itself.
And then it flew.  And EE was the only one out of the car, and the bird passsed on her side of the road, and I couldn’t get the door open as I’d stopped right up hard on a bush, and well, I missed it.

The spot we were heading for has a little bit of open grass and usually good beach on low tide. (Twas high this night!), and an outflow. And a couple of good radio mast perches.

A young Black-shouldered Kite had chosen the area to perch on while Mum gathered food.   So we sat, enjoyed the sunshine, the Earl of Grey, and the antics of this beautifully marked bird.

Even if the bird hadn’t been there the weather was so nice.

Very recently fledged bird
Resplendent in the afternoon sunshine


DWJ_0250 - Version 2
Where’s my mouse
When its the only perch for miles, its the perch of choice
Sailing on the soft breeze in the warm sunshine. That life could always be this good
Zeroed in for landing
DWJ_0257 - Version 2
So close I cropped the tail tip.

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