Passing time with inflight shots

We’ve been sitting in our mobile hide (the little i20), near a tree that has a Black-shouldered Kite nest and the female in residence.
As is typical of her species, the nest is just below tree top and hidden well in among the fine uppermost branches.  Once she is under the canopy she is gone!

He off course is on hunting duty, and every so often turns up with a nice fresh mouse.   So all we have to do is point the camera, (attached, I might add to the WImberley Gimbal head), and wait either for him to arrive and/or her to emerge or reenter.
Now, if you’ve ever watched them, the first thing you’ll recall is that it can be a long long long time inbetween feeds.

Sometimes even she gets a bit anxious and sends out some pretty interesting Kite calls just to make sure he gets the message.
So we wait.

And of course in the waiting is the challenge.   So we, well at least I, keep the shorter 300mm f4 PF on a second camera and practice my flight shots on anything that spins past.

So here are a few from the other day.

2 thoughts on “Passing time with inflight shots

  1. A great series of in-flight and static shots, especially the Black Shouldered Kite. You didn’t mention what happens if EE is on the wrong side of the car, sorry hide.


  2. G,day Rodger,
    Errr no! But never fear, the hide is parked so that she can sit and work with the window wound down. Me, I’ve got the tripod behind the car. Such is the way of things. Much easier than robins in Woodlands, (but perhaps not quite as much fun)


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