Thought you might be interested

No, I haven’t fallen into some sludge pit at the Treatment Plant!  Just that with the weather being only average at best, we’ve not been out much, and when we have its been, well, average. Hope to publish a compilation on the weekend, but here is a quick look at a project I provided an image for.

The National Parks Service of NSW have created some interpretation boards for the centre at the Dunphys Camp in the Blue Mountains National Park, and one of my White-winged Chough images forms part of the motif.

I really like the overall feel of the finished result, and would even if my image wasn’t on there.

So here is a jpg quick look.

DUNPHYS CAMP  draft sides 2 (1)

and Here is a larger pdf DUNPHYS CAMP draft sides 2
The original image is over in Flickr here.

White-winged Chough

Having walked in this area so many years ago when I had legs that could carry me over that terrain, it really appreciate the effort made here.

Thanks for the creative team for their super work.


6 thoughts on “Thought you might be interested

    1. G,day Rodger, yes there is a really definitive balance and theme across the board and I reckon the Graphic Artist has really excelled. It’s not over stated and I think in situ would have a inviting feel to it.

      From my oldie but goodie memories, those hill are as steep as they look. Even working along the river line had many obstacles I recall, but the glory of youth didn’t seem to mind.


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