Ever wondered what Train Spotters and Birdos have in common

Ever wondered what Birdos and Train Spotters have in common. Seems they both fall under the same collective noun  “Spotters”

Mr An Onymous found a reference to birding down at the Western Treatment Plant and an interview with well known Birdo David Torr.  He is member of Werribee Wagtails among other things an a driving force on the BirdLife Australia Photo database.  And you’ll often find on the Birdline site reports of his findings out in the field.
Anyway if you’ve never wondered, like I’ve never wondered if there is a even somewhat tenuous connection, then have a look here.
If you just want to see what David and the group are doing for the endangered Orange-bellied Parrot, then look as well.

Good on ya  David.



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