Rodger’s work on display at Light Factory Gallery in Eltham.

Rodger Scott,  he of “Swallows in flight R Us.”  on Flickr here, has in conjunction with his art group,  Wild4Art has an exhibition of his fabulous paintings at the Light Factory Gallery in Eltham. It runs to the 16th of June, and if you’re in Melbourne, and want a way to fill up a couple of hours then take  the drive out to 21 Brougham Street in Eltham.

Rodger is one of the four artists with work on show, and it was really excellent to spend a morning in the gallery with the works and to contemplate both the makers style, the works and the bird themselves.
The Light Factory has to be one of the most suitable galleries to show this kind of work. It has an amazing high window set that lets light literally pour into the viewing space. Like many of the buildings and spaces in Eltham, it is both highly functional, and also uses a lot of recycled material in construction.

Loved to be able to stand back and see the work as a whole and be able to get up nice and close and personal with the image and feel the character of the bird as each member of the group has found expression.

We, Dorothy, I and Mr An Onymous made the trip over on a rainy day.  The idea was simple,  view the art, have lunch, photograph birds.  No one said anything about the weather closing in and the rain pouring out of the sky.  Exit ideas of walking in the bush.
We settled instead for a table at the “Tea House”, the fabled food hall attached to the Gallery.   After a nice Pie,   I had a Borcastle, But have to say the Bean and Leek bake was going to run a very close second. The others, the usual foccacia etc, and a cup or two of Queen Mary tea, it was obvious the rain had won.  So.  We had another cuppa and then we went home (used to be song about that once  ?)

Well done Rodger, congrats to you and your colleagues for a bold and entertaining exhibition.

No pics allowed!!