Australasian Grebe

Seems like forever since I had a chance to put up a post.  Didn’t think, ” Went out got wet, saw nothing”, was going to be a big hit in the blogging world.

With the Woodlands Backpaddock area being out of bounds to mere humans, and especially photographers, while the great Fox hunt is on, the best I can do is put my nose up against the fence like a little kid in a lolly shop and dream.

The new Eastern Barred Bandicoot programme in the park is in full swing.  One of the first jobs is to remove all the ferals that are in there. Notably cats, and foxes. They have done a good job of rejuvenating the fences, so all the remains is to get rid of the last of the more persistent foxes.  My guess based on just sitting and watching, is that there is upwards of a dozen in there.  And my guess, totally untechnical of course is that some of them are breeding. Which would explain the occasional smaller animals I see.  My other non technical guess is my money is on the foxes.  The release of the fresh bandicoot families can not go ahead until they are absolutely certain the area is now free of ferals.  But how long that will take is anyone’s guess.

Meanwhile the Flame robins are still in the area, but our time begins to run out pretty soon as they will be getting ready to move back to the high country by August.

So.  What to do.  Down to the Dam area today with my mate Neil A.  We found a few Flame males and a couple of Australasian Grebes and I was lucky enough to get a reasonable handheld shot of said Grebe. Really like the reflection, and I added just a brush full of contrast to make it stand out more from the water.

Australasian Grebe and reflection
Male Flame Robin who came to my side of the fence for a little visit.

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