Werribee River Park

See Parks Vic site for a map and info.

Here is the link.


Access is from New Farm Road past the Melbourne Water Discovery Centre.

The vehicle entrance is accessed from Old Geelong Road onto New Farm Road (Melways ref: 205 E11). Follow New Farm Road through the Western Treatment Plant, over the Princes Freeway, and turn left at the end of the road.

Gates at the entrance to New Farm Road are opened daily from 6am to 9pm.

The formed roadway leads across the top of the river plain, and there is generally several raptors in residence in the old trees along the roadside.   Werribee Open Range Zoo is on the other side of the River at this point.
A small carpark gives access to the walking track which heads along the high side of the River, and after a couple of Kilometres drops down on to the river flats and then back to the carpark from a wheelchair suitable ramp.  Just before the ramp, a small track leads into the river forest to some picnic tables and a good view of the River.   A bridge further on leads in to the Werribee Mansion Grounds.

Up on the top, the park butts up to the Western Treatment Plant and the two areas share a common fence line.
At some time in the future the park walking tracks will be extended further south to the mouth of the Werribee River at Werribee South.

Raptors hunt over the top plains and use the winds in the valley to gain height.  A range of bush and plains birds can be seen, including Wrens, Silvereye, Honeyeaters, Robins (in winter), and water birds along the river.


View from the Office window.
View from the Office window.

The River cliffs looking south from the carpark.  The track runs close to the cliffs, (not too close, and is concrete sealed for part of the way.


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