Links to really useful sites


Andrew’s Blog Andrew keeps an interesting blog of bicycle tours, bird photography, health tips and fun to be alive things. He also shows his excellent work (Many birds) and Street Art over at Flickr well worth the visit.
Andrew’s Flickr Page Andrew’s excellent photography (a lot of it birds) over at Flickr. He is out at Woodlands Historic Park most days.  So a good way to keep up with happenings
BirdLife Australia The National Birds Organisation in Australia. Lots of great info, and local/regional chapters.
Camera Lane, Melbourne Alan and Venus Lane run a great little specialist camera shop in Little Bourke Street. Great place to look at gear, and a secondhand window to drool over. They also do tradeins and have an online presence. Great place for a chat photographic
Earthbound Light Earthbound Light offers inspiring insights into the creative photographic process. Bob Johnson offers advice and shares his passion for nature photography.
Ian Folly’s Blog One of my Flickr mates has a blog of his bush travels
Joe McNally Photography Blog There is no doubt about it Joe is a Legend
Jon Young. Exploring the Language of Nature Jon Young has a great book on the language of birds and how getting to know the birds in your local patch helps when you are further afield. They also have a free, yes folks, free, e-course, that over 8 weeks explains and encourages you to give it a try.
My Swan Database My Swan is a database for swans that carry a neck collar with a number. Part of a research programme by Melb Uni, if you see a swan with a numbered collar report it here as all the data helps build a better picture of swan activitiy
Natural Newstead Notes on Observations of flora, fauna and landscape in central Victoria. Geoff Park and his team run a great blog updated daily with the doings of the local flora and fauna. Enjoy. We do.
Photocolor Heidelberg Rob Burkitt and company run a great print service. Not only is the quality first rate, the team will take an interest in your work and help get the best results. They also do an online service. Speedy and great service. Heidelberg, Warringal Shopping Centre
Rob’s Random Photo blog Rob Parker is hosting his images of travel and birding here.
Shorebirds 2020 A great information stop off point on shorebirds in Australia. Lots of programmes to get involved with, and plenty of useful resource materials.
Surong Gunn Surong has great pictures and stories of her birding travels.
Third Bird from the Sun Bill Majoras runs a great site for Digital Bird Photographers here. He also has a great free how to do it book for Digital Bird Photographers. Check out his galleries for images from his beloved North Carolina woodlands
Tim Grey: The Photoshop man Tim Grey has built a wonderful reputation as “the” teacher of all things Photoshop. He has a blog that shows his photographs, talks about his work and waxes lyrical on photography. Enjoy.
Time in the bush Merrilyn has a great site with much local content of her trips birding. She is also co-ordinator of the Boneseed eradication in the You Yangs.
Wardies Blog page One of my Flickr mates has a blog of his of his adventures in the bush. Always worth a look. Thanks Wardie.
Wildlife Watching Supplies Suppliers of really cool bush gear and camo camera protection. Great service and really helpful. Thanks Kevin and Mandy

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