Monday Morning Musing: Surprise!

Funny how somethings just catch up on you, when you least it expect it.

A few days ago, I’d left the Black-shouldered Kite nesting area with a few shots of the two just-fledged juveniles sitting on top of a tree.  Also had the feeling that it would be the last we’d see of them due to the travel restrictions and the like that were about to settle in.

However as  EE had not been out for the week, I had need to do both grocery shopping and also we were both in need of some well earned ‘exercise’, and we decided to combine both activities into the one trip.

We thought the local park to crowded and restricted, so to relieve the pressure on that location we motored on a little further.
I must admit to feeling much more secure in the middle of a 40 acre paddock than pushing a shopping trolley around a bustling supermarket.
No one at the carpark on our arrival, so we set off through the scrub.

Well, fancy that. What a surprise; we were in the area of the nesting Black-shouldered Kites.  🙂

What was even more astounding, and taking tongue-out-of-cheek for a few seconds, was that there sitting in the tree together, enjoying the morning sunshine, was not two juveniles, but three!

The one on the left in this shot, seems much darker and richer brown, so I suspect it is a couple of days behind the others, as they have already begun to lose some of that lovely ginger colour.

So clever mum had not only survived all the heavy rain, hail, strong winds and cold snap, but had hatched three young ones for her trouble.
We waited a few minutes before moving on, and one of the older ones took to the air.  Bonus.

It made our journey home a much more enjoyable time, and I quickly dashed through the Woolies lines—that’s why I pick Woolies.  🙂
and we were home in isolation in no time.

I recently came across, a link to the benefits of “Forest Bathing”, shinrin-yoku (Japanese) 

Here’s a quote:

This is not  hiking, or jogging. It is simply being in nature, connecting with it through our senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.
Shinrin-yoku is like a bridge.
By opening our senses, it bridges the gap between us and the natural world.

And if someone should challenge you here is a detailed scientific study on the benefits to the body.

Jon Young’s “Sit Spot”, is another example of such a practice.

I am not disputing the Government’s current stance, as firm action is needed, but a touch of wonderful chlorophyl generated good-will makes the heart sing.

A proverb I read somewhere said, “A merry heart does good like a medicine”.

May your time of isolation bring you harmony and the opportunity to enjoy the small things in your around.



The wonderful rich ginger colours will fade so quickly, but so good to see them on the wing.
Hard to pick from a single image but this one is practicing hovering.
Tricky stuff for the over enthusiastic but clumsy flying young one. In the end, dad took the mouse back to the nest for safe and easier transfer.



11 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musing: Surprise!

  1. Spectacular images of the kites. I do love their juvenile colouring and too bad it fades away. Enjoy your isolation, I haven’t been out at all, as its not recommended for the over 70’s.

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    1. Thanks Rodger, they do grow up too soon. The next two weeks would have seen us out at every opportunity, sadly it will all be over before we are able to make the journey. Just too risky. Home works for me.
      Best wishes.


  2. How wonderful to see the third! Superb images, as always, David! A wonderful coincidence that you ended up in the right spot at the right time! Great work! (or if I am not allowed to say that – well done!)

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    1. Ha!. What I can’t get over is its ok to wear my fluro activewear and bejooled nikes to the park, prance about, make dreadful selfie vids for uploading to foolsbook, but I can’t take a decent camera/lens combo to the same area and photograph the Peaceful Dove.
      I doubt we will make a return out there, can’t even get an invite from the ranger!!!


  3. Beautiful and perfect captures David, what a plus to see three, and also to see the little guy fly. Coincidental as it may be we did much the same on Sunday, shopping and a long walk in our local NP, but there were more people there than usual, as everyone had the same idea. It certainly was therapeutic for us both, particularly for me who has been avoiding contact all week with anyone, as I am vulnerable due to my asthma. My wife has been in the firing line, but looking forward to a staycation though a holiday overseas was the plan this week. This weekend won’t be much a holiday weekend for people. Enjoy the week as best you can. I have been thinking to free up a few gig of drive space by deleting unnecessary photos.

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    1. Hello Ashley, thanks for dropping by and for your encouraging thoughts.
      Due to a auto-immune issue, I’ve pretty much been self-isolating for around 18months. Well more likely just being careful around people. So I’m not so setback by the current restrictions.
      I’d just like a bit of clarity as to why one thing seems permissible, exercise in the park, and carrying a camera in an open field is frowned upon.
      Why is exercise for the average 20something with an foolsbook account, seen as acceptable, behavior while a 70 year old dude trying to soak up the atmosphere and moments of the bush is invalid. I’ll never know.
      Interesting about the number of people in your NP, we had experienced the same thing about a week ago. All of a sudden, the carpark was full, normally we’d be the only one’s there.
      You made me smile about the saving of gigabytes. I cleaned up 12gb this very day. And didn’t miss one of the images.

      I’m going to look for a much simpler solution to managing my photos from here on.

      As an aside, I’ve cardboard boxes of old slides that I keep promising to digitise. Really don’t want to throw them out, but can’t be torn to edit them for the best and ones I want to keep. Easier to let them stay in the box. 🙂
      Will be hard for many people this Easter weekend, but more for those whose life revolves around the significance of the season. Hard not to feel that some of the impact might be lost on those in the periphery. Although I did see the local churches offering phone in or Zoom options for some of their services.


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      1. True David, it does seem a bit unfair that the mature in years are prevented from exercising. I suppose one needs to dye their hair and dress modern young and wear sunglasses and jog in gym shoes to avoid detection:-) It will be a very unusual Easter time for sure. Our church meetings are all online and growth groups are Zoomed. Other blogging friends are feeling the same with likewise restrictions. Wow 12gig is a lot of gigs to clear! I have enjoyed revisiting old outings as I clean out. I digitized my old slides years ago, and handed CDs of the files to my family. I projected the images upon a blind and set up a camera on a tripod and then repaired the image as many had mould on them. I have a device for doing it but the software is too old. As there were hundreds of slides ( as I imaging you have, as that was how we did family pics those days) I had to make tough decisions to keep only important ones. Enjoy your week as best you can 🙂

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  4. This photography of the three youngsters together is amazing, David. Naturally, all the other captures are great but this one will stay in my head for the rest of the evening.
    I fully agree with all your observations concerning the restrictions and I can’t wait for my exercise this Thursday. I’ve just watched the TV news and I’m a bit worried – if police fines a girl driving with her mother in a car using this time to learn how to drive… Anyway, I need this exercise on Thursday so bad 😉
    Thanks for your thoughts and beautiful images.


  5. Hello Adam,
    EE and I came out into the open area where the birds, were, and she cried, “Oh, Look, i don’t believe it.”
    And there they were out in the open, early morning light looking a treat playing over the colours, hard not to get excited.
    I have to say, that is one image that will go to the printers later on when I’m able.

    I think there will be more to the L plate girl, the bleedingheart news only tells enough for its story.
    I still walk every morning, mostly at sunup, I just enjoy the richness of the light awakening the world. Have a look at the Forest Bathing examples, makes me feel good just reading the benefits purported.
    Good luck on Thursday, the weather looks to be very inviting. 😉


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