Snapshots: A Raptor Day at the Treatment Plant

A search on the Bureau of Meteorology website, has quite a bit of info on the lack of rain in mid of Australia.  See here
At the bottom of the page is a couple of graphs that begin to put it all in perspective.

And as it dries out, it seems, that quite a number of birds are moving south.  Or toward the eastern coast.
And we’ve seen quite a change in the numbers of smaller falcons and kites in our area.  In the space of a 10 minute drive the other day we saw 14 Nankeen Kestrel.

So we took a trip to the Western Treatment Plant on a sunny morning.


Plenty of Brown Falcon activity and even a pair of Brolga.


This is quite a change in colour from lighter coloured birds at the Plant.  I think the rich orange is an indication of a juvenile moulting in.

1807-03_DWJ_9149.jpgCoilded and ready to explode of the fence.  You can already see its going to make a low-level run along the fence


This Brown was hunting crickets on the roadway verge.  It seems to have lost a few feathers in both wings, the fore-wing has a few of the longer feathers missing too.

1807-03_DWJ_9323bb.jpgWith a hop, step, and a jump its airborne1807-03_DWJ_9329-2.jpg


Nankeen Kestrel on a wing relax

1807-03_DWJ_9661.jpgThis is a pair that nested successfully in the area last season, and look like they are back for another attempt.

1807-03_DWJ_9680.jpgI’m standing on the road, and this one of the pair came to explain territorial rights. It came so fast that the good old D500’s legendary focus missed the head and nailed a sharp tail. Me, I ducked.
And a Nankeen Kestrel at work near the water’s edge alongside Lake Borrie

Enjoy, we did.

4 thoughts on “Snapshots: A Raptor Day at the Treatment Plant

  1. Wonderful to see them, David. There does seem to be more around at the moment and often in unexpected areas.


  2. Great shots David! It is a good time for raptors. We never see many in the city but occasionally in the Royal. The Browns have a most beautiful plumage in sunlight. Your Brolga shot is far better than my recent Townsville shots. Keep warm and yes the drought is affecting many of our birds and reducing nesting numbers.


  3. I enjoyed the story and the shots too, David. I stayed a while checking out “Nanken Kestrel on a wing relax” looking for some fine wire or…? I could not grasp the way it was perched. The wing detail is superb.
    Thanks for sharing!


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